HOYA Airy One Month

Disposable Contact Lenses – HOYA Airy One Month

* HOYA Airy One Month contact lenses are currently only offered at Eyecity.

Moisture and gentleness that lasts all day and continues for a month.
This is the new level of comfort HOYA Airy One Month strives to achieve.

Silicon hydrogel is known as a next generation material for soft contact lenses.
HOYA Airy One Month contact lenses use Hoya’s unique technologies to elicit maximum performance from this new material.
The lenses prevent drying out without preventing the eyes from breathing to produce a sharper field of vision.
This represents a new level of moisture and gentleness.
Try them out for the experience of more comfortable and healthier eyes.

A new level of moisture that spreads oxygen throughout – the advanced material Silicon Hydrogel

With conventional soft contact lenses, oxygen passes through to the eyes through the moisture contained in the lenses. However, even if the amount of moisture in a lens is increased, there are limits to the amount of oxygen that can pass through, and the fact that drying out easily becomes a concern has been an issue. The HOYA Airy One Month lenses independently developed by Hoya ensures that the material itself allows the passage of large amounts of oxygen regardless of moisture content. As sufficient amounts of oxygen get through to the eyes, the lenses can be worn all day without a sensation of drying out or sticking.
*Sensations of drying out and sticking may vary by individual.

the advanced material Silicon Hydrogel

As the lenses stay clean, the feeling of comfort is maintained – Plasma Coating Comfort Technology

  • Silicon Hydrogel is known as a substance that repels moisture, making it easy for the material to get dirty due to oils, fats and the like HOYA Airy One Month applies a plasma coating to the lens surface to significantly improve how easily it interacts with water. As the coating keeps the lens clean and maintains moisture, the sensation of moisture and gentleness persists.
  •  Plasma Coating Comfort Technology

Cutting ultraviolet light that is harmful to the eyes by over 90%

As the lenses cut ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes (UV-A and UV-B rays) by more than 90%, users can fully enjoy outdoor activities.

Cutting ultraviolet light that is harmful to the eyes by over 90%

Smooth thin edge design to get the most out of the new material’s properties

The lenses are designed thin and smooth overall. Comfortable sensation of use and ease of use are both achieved.

Blue lens colors for peace of mind during handling

The lenses are colored light blue to simplify daily handling.

Monthly disposal type making it easy to keep track of replacement timing

You can check the replacement time one month later at a glance.

Monthly disposal type making it easy to keep track of replacement timing

Spec list

Cast mold Thickness
Material Siloxane-containing methacrylate-based compound, silicon-containing methacrylate-based compound and acrylamide-based compound
Concentration 33% Dk value *1 129
Dk/L *2 184 Color Blue
Available Spherica
0.07mm Lens
[BC] 8.6mm(only)
[P:S] -0.50~-6.00D(0.25DP) -6.50~-10.00D(0.50DP)

*1 Unit : ×10-11(cm2/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg))

*2 Unit : ×10-9(cm/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg))